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6 Major Cybersecurity Predictions For 2024

Cybersecurity has become a necessary part of our lives in this modernistic interconnected world. Our technologies are getting better as time goes and they are giving many benefits to humanity. The Internet makes our lives easier and we can do many hard works easily just with the help of the Internet. But many of us are facing cyber issues just because of the usage of the internet. Cybercriminals are searching for someone to whom they can fraud so if you don’t want to fall into their scam then you have to take care of your cybersecurity seriously. If you are owning any company and want to keep your company’s data safe so you should also have to think about its cybersecurity. The world is getting change with new technologies so we also need to upgrade ourselves with the use of NordVPN. NordVPN can be very helpful for you and your company if you have. If you have any company or you want your own cybersecurity then NordVPN is the best application you can install on any of your devices so you can use its free version or if you need a premium version then it’s up to you. Now any further delay let’s start discussing the top cybersecurity predictions for 2024.

nordvpn cybersecurity predictions

1. Rise In Cyber Attacks Using Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is very useful in automated machines and it is doing our hard work easier. Artificial Intelligence engineers are continuously advancing their systems to its peak but cybercriminals are taking advantage of AI and utilizing AI tools to create automated cyber-attacks. The use of AI-powered cyber attacks is increasing in 2023 and it will be at its peak in 2024 so we have to be very careful about it.

2. Mobile Devices Threats

Our lives are becoming more dependent on mobile devices. Social media applications are a good source of entertainment and connectivity with friends but we are sharing our personal activities there which is not good for your privacy. Mobile data leaks like pictures, videos and recordings are getting common nowadays because it is easy to get access to anyone’s mobile phone by just sending malware or payload to any device with the help of the internet. So always be careful what you are sharing on social media and keep in mind that do not save any images on your mobile phone that could cause you any problems if they leak. The good thing is that you can also use the internet anonymously with the help of NordVPN so all of your internet will be encrypted and no one can get your personal information. NordVPN is constantly improving its services with security updates which will provide you best services without any charges and you can also use its premium version for free.

3. Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attacks are common nowadays and they will be higher at their peak in 2024 because of the use of automated Artificial Intelligence attacks. When ransomware malware attack on your laptop or device then it will automatically encrypt your data like files and no one can able to decrypt your data. Whenever you try to open that file you will get a notification to send payment to this account and then your data will be decrypted. Cloud environments will also be targeted potentially which will lead to huge data breaches and it will affect multiple organizations. You can install NordVPN on any of your 6 devices with 1 account to protect against these types of attacks and protect your data.

4. Virtual Reality cybersecurity

Virtual Reality technology gaining popularity and a large number of powerful businesses which include meta are working on metaverse projects and as we know the next generation of technology will be metaverse. So the rise of VR also has potential threats to VR cybersecurity which include unauthorized access to VR systems and data breaches.

5. Internet Geo Restriction Could Get Worsened

According to TechRadar report, 4.2 billion people were affected by internet shutdowns by governments in 2022 which is more than half of the world’s population. These figures are continuously growing every year because of every country’s internal political matters. Recently Pakistan implements a major mobile networks shutdown for 3 days due to the political crisis which affects almost every citizen of Pakistan. All social media applications were blocked by PTA but broadband internet connection is available so many people use NordVPN to unblock these social media applications. 

6. Quantum cryptography could grow

Quantum computing is a powerful technology used in various fields like financial modeling, machine learning, drug design, weather forecasting and logistics. Quantum cryptography uses the fundamentals of quantum physics to encrypt and transmit data which is making it exceptionally difficult to access for anyone outside of the system. It works by sending particles of light called photons through an optical link. Quantum cryptography is considered highly secure which has the ability to disrupt the current encryption methods we currently rely on. So the cybersecurity world needs to be prepared for this exciting but challenging shift.


As we are heading to 2024, it’s clear that cybersecurity will face significant changes and challenges. The predictions discussed in the article highlight the developing threats and trends that will impact digital security. Advanced AI-integrated ransomware attacks and quantum computing can impact cybersecurity but there are also other technologies that will be impacted like blockchain. We need to always be updated about new attacks and fraudulent activities. NordVPN can also help businesses to protect their financial and important information with the help of their latest NordLynx protocol.

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