British people spend 2 decay of their lives online

Brits spend more than 22 years of their lives online

NordVPN research reveals that British peoples spend more than 22 years of their whole lives using the internet. It might seem like a lot but it is the reality and the good thing is that awareness is growing among UK students. They have also a better understanding of online threats than Italian or French students.

The risks of using the Internet and how can lower these risks

The trend of remote work starts considerably high after the Covid-19 pandemic and it is still in trend because of its many advantages. The people of the UK and beyond are now dependent on the Internet for communication, entertainment and work purposes. Cybercriminals are developing their techniques to create newer versions of malware that cannot be detectable by any antiviruses and they can do cybercriminal work of stealing the information that they want. The truth is that we are likely to risk our online privacy depending on how much we use the internet means there are many factors on how can we store our data. The main risks involved are as follows:

1. Online Shopping Scams in the UK

Online shopping scams are the most common scams in the UK but the more shocking news is that cybercriminals are making fake websites for fraudulent activities. When people buy online from their website using their credit card after that they will not deliver their products at all. There are also many websites where cybercriminals scam by stealing customer’s credit card information so they can transact any amount they want if it will be available in the account that’s why it is important to use virtual credit cards instead of using debit cards.

2. Phishing Attacks in the UK

Phishing attacks are also a very common method used by cybercriminals where they send their specially created malware to someone’s device through the internet. Any device can be infected by these malware if you click on a link that you get from anywhere like email or messages that’s why it is important to install NordVPN on your phones so that no one can send you these links. NordVPN application is available for any of your devices and you can also install it on your Windows computer or Mac with the help of their Application Stores or by visiting NordVPN’s official websites.

3. Financial frauds in the UK

Financial frauds are also happening in the UK with people who cannot take their account’s security seriously. Banks have their special security for account holders but if you are not aware of the fraudulent activities then it can also happen to you. It is important to always use strong passwords containing symbols, special characters, numerics and a mixture of uppercase and lowercase alphabets. If it is not easy for you to remember your passwords then you can also use Nord Password Manager application whose name is NordPass. NordPass saves your passwords with uses a high level of encryption that no one can access. You can download NordPass from their official website or from the application store on your mobile phone.

Protect yourself from being a victim of cyber criminals

In fact, it is not just about British people but it is about people all over the world that anyone can protect themselves from these frauds by using the internet carefully and following these key steps.

  • You just have to make sure you are connected to your own private network. Never ever share your personal information using public Wifi networks or connected to someone’s networks that you don’t know them.
  • If you get any suspicious links through emails, messages or from anywhere you didn’t open it. Never tell your bank secret codes to anyone and these codes include OTP which means One-time passwords that you get when you are doing some transactions or logging in to your account.
  • Don’t use your debit cards on websites that you don’t know their backgrounds but if it is necessary then use virtual cards which is best for online shopping.
  • Don’t share your personal information on social media or if you get any link through social media then don’t open it.
  • Always use NordVPN especially if you are doing some special work that contains your personal or financial information.


We cannot do our work without the use of the Internet nowadays and it plays a major role in our lives. Cybercriminals are also using the internet to do fraudulent activities by the methods that we’ve mentioned above so it is important to understand which risks are involved in using the internet and the main factor is how can we use the internet. If we use it carefully so no one is able to get our information and can harm us. Make sure your internet connection is private and secure but if you are using NordVPN on your all devices then you are always protected from any potential threats. NordVPN has many great features that are upgrading on time and they are always looking for all new techniques that prevent any type of attacks.

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