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International VPN Day | What we have learned about NordVPN

August 19 marks International VPN Day which is an excellent occasion to learn about cybersecurity education because the number of cyber attacks is increasing yearly by 30% and many people are not aware of these types of attacks. NordVPN conducts fresh research about cyber attacks periodically and publishes its findings on its website throughout the year. NordVPN’s intention was to increase awareness in people so that they can be conscious of their security and always use the internet with precautions. We learn some new things on this International VPN Day every year like what are the latest threats that we can face, what are the emerging trends in cybersecurity and how can we stay safe and secure online with the real dangers so we are discussing these important factors of cybersecurity in this article. We divided lessons into 3 parts so you will able to understand easily what is going on, let’s get started.

international vpn day

Lesson 1: The Dangers Are Undeniable

We have learned in lesson 1 that the dangers are unquestionably real and cyber threats are very dangerous than we thought ever. No system or software is flawless, there is always a chance for cyber criminals they get any vulnerabilities in online security so they can get your data and financial information. Here are the points that we’ve discovered.

  1. Phishing scams are becoming more common because it looks sophisticated and easy to mislead any person who is not aware of these scams. Cybercriminals send phishing emails that looks like legitimate and it is difficult to determine that it is a fake. Always be cautious when opening emails and never click on suspicious links or download any type of attachments from unknown senders.
  2. Ransomware attacks are becoming more usual on Windows computers because it’s easy for cybercriminals to send malware to any PC or Laptop through the internet. Malware can encrypt all data that cannot be decrypted by anyone. The malware attack can lock down your computer or even your entire network and they will only release your data when you send their demanding payment.
  3. Public Wifi networks are the favorite places for cybercriminals where they send malware into these networks. Whoever is connected to these public Wifi networks can have a potential risk of data leaks. Public Wifi networks are most commonly available in airports and coffee shops so always use NordVPN when you are trying to connect these networks.
  4. Defamation and Identity Theft techniques are also used by cybercriminals who can create fake social media accounts to your identity using your personal information with the intention of defamation or they ask for payment so they can stop doing these types of activities.

These types of dangerous activities are operated by these cyber criminals so we should understand that many people are facing these issues on a regular basis in this online world and these issues are undeniably real. But we can protect ourselves and our sensitive data with the help of NordVPN which has many advanced features that we need to use it to secure our devices.

Lesson 2: Modification of our online habits is the key to our safety

It is clear that modification of our internet usage is the key to our online security and here are some important key points we have learned about how we can protect ourselves.

  1. Don’t use passwords which has your date of birth or your name. Always use strong passwords using special characters and if you cannot able to learn this hard password so you can also use NordPass application which is a password manager tool where you can securely save your important passwords.
  2. Two-factor authentication method is the best way to access your accounts where you get a special code on your mobile phone and only then you can add this code to your account to log in. It can be typical for you to wait for the code first and then you can log in but you have to understand that it can add a layer of protection that you definitely need.
  3. Take precautions on social media about the information you are sharing online. Anyone can use your information to theft your identity or can do any unknown activity that will defame you.
  4. Always update your system software and regularly check for updates to your operating system, web browser and other software you usually use because outdated software can be turned into vulnerabilities that can leave you open to any attack.
  5. Understand the difference between legitimate and fake emails, phone calls, and text messages. Never click on links from unknown senders because that is a technique of phishing scams. Cybercriminals always use these common types because it is easy to trick anyone.
  6. Always connect to NordVPN especially when you are doing any sensitive work online so it will protect your privacy.

We can reduce our risk of being a victim of cyber threats by changing these online habits. Remember, our online security is in our own hands if we did not take cybersecurity seriously and use the internet carelessly so can see its consequences. It is always better to take precautions than regrets.

Lesson 3: NordVPN has been quite successful to bring awareness to internet users

NordVPN has seen an increase in awareness of using a VPN among internet users due to the importance of protecting their data. People understand that cyber threats are real and they can be a victim if they use the internet without any care. There is an increase in using NordVPN service every year. Here are some points that we’ve learned about this growing trend.

  1. Internet users are aware that NordVPN is important for their daily usage and especially when they are doing any sensitive work.
  2. NordVPN has exclusive features that no other VPN does have like their Double VPN, Mishnet Network. NordLynx Protocol and many other good features. They are continuously leveling up their security by testing new things on their applications.
  3. NordVPN recently introduced NordLynx protocol which is based on WireGuard that provides even faster speed with better security. They are continuously upgrading their systems to protect their users from the latest threats and dangers.
  4. NordVPN has super fast servers located all over the world so it has the ability to unblock every websites that are restricted for a certain region.

Final Words

Actually, the awareness of using VPNs is growing because of the need for online security and it is a positive trend that everybody is getting sensible about the dangers of the internet. Internet users can take control of their online privacy and prevent any type of cyber attack with the help of using NordVPN. NordVPNs popularity is continuously growing because more people are recognizing the importance of online security every year.

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