IP Address Not Changing When Connecting To NordVPN

IP Address Not Changing When Connecting To NordVPN – Let’s fix it

NordVPN is a well-known service that many people use to protect their online privacy. Like any technology can encounter technical problems, one issue that some users have experienced is that NordVPN fails to change their IP addresses. It is an important function of any VPN to change the user’s IP address so if users found this error then take it easy you can fix this issue by following our article’s guidelines. We’ve discussed everything related to this issue that can help you resolve your IP address problem. First of all, we’ve to know what is the reason for the IP Address Not Changing error so let’s get started.

Reasons for NordVPN not changing IP?

There are many reasons behind NordVPN not changing the IP address and some important reasons are as follows.

  • The selected server has a lot of traffic that is unable to connect to a server or the server can be temporarily down so if you change the server to a different country then it might help you fix this problem.
  • It is possible that your assigning IP is stuck because it is most likely caused by a poor connection to your network so make sure to check your Wifi is running smoothly and if not then you should contact your ISP.
  • If your internet connection is not stable or slow then these issues also occur in this situation.
  • IP protocol can be an issue because if your use other protocols than UDP IP protocol so it will slow down your internet. Always use the UDP IP protocol because it’s generally faster than the TCP protocol.
  • Your NordVPN application is outdated so make sure you’re using the latest version of NordVPN and connect to a server that is nearest to your location.

Steps to fix NordVPN not changing IP address issue?

Step1. Restart Your NordVPN

Restarting the NordVPN service is the common way to fix errors. It is the easiest way to fix IP address related issues and we almost forget it to do.

IP Address Not Changing When Connecting To NordVPN

Step2. Disconnect Server

Disconnect the NordVPN server if already connected.

Step3. Try a Different Server

IP Address Not Changing When Connecting To NordVPN

Step4. Contact NordVPN Support

Doing these steps will resolve your issues but if the issue persists then contact NordVPN support which is available 24/7 on live chat you can also contact them and tell them your issue so they will also look into this matter and help you to resolve your issue.


If you find that NordVPN is failing to change your IP address so it’s important to take action. Luckily, there are several solutions available to fix this frustrating situation and we have gathered some of the most easy ones for you. It’s recommended to try each suggested fix one by one and not skip any of them. We are confident that you will find a solution that restores NordVPN’s functionality on your system in no time by following these steps. If you’re getting issues playing games like Dragon City MOD APK so this problem can also be resolved.

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