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NordVPN Security Level Auditing by a German Cybersecurity Company

Cure53 NordVPN Security Level Audit

NordVPN passed a series of tests in 2022 conducted by Cure53 a German cybersecurity company. The audit included its applications, browser extensions, server infrastructure, and threat protection feature. The tests take several months and the results have shown that NordVPN has a solid infrastructure capable of providing users with a high level of security. The test begins in August 2022 to verify the security of NordVPN apps and add-ons. Cure53 divides its reviews into three phases. The first phase lasts approximately 52 days and includes testing Windows, Linux, and macOS applications. The second phase includes browser extensions with Android and iOS applications and the third phase includes web applications of services and APIs. The objective of this test was to identify if NordVPN had any vulnerabilities or weaknesses in their systems after that they can provide recommendations so that they could improve their level of security.

The second phase takes more than 25 days in October 2022. The objective of the second phase is to test NordVPN servers and examine the infrastructures. NordVPN has provided its code and documents for Cure53 to audit. Cure53 has identified some vulnerabilities and issues in some code but these issues are in low factors so they have provided a detailed information report to the NordVPN team. After that, NordVPN patched those vulnerabilities and issues and then Cure53 added in their reports that those issues had been fixed.

On the other hand, the Android app rating received positive feedback as only minor informational issues were discovered but it is important to fix those issues which are most serious to ensure complete security for the Android app. The following report will provide more details on the testing scope and process with a breakdown of available materials. The report will list all identified issues in chronological order starting with detected vulnerabilities and followed by general weaknesses. Technical description and relevant Proof of Concepts (PoC) will be included where applicable along with any necessary preventative or mitigation measures to be taken.


NordVPN always prioritizes customer satisfaction by providing high-value services. They are constantly striving to improve their VPN performance day by day and improve user experience by adding advanced features to their apps.

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