VPN Not Working on Data Connection

VPN Not Working on Data Connection ? Here’s the Fix Guide! (Android & iOs)

Some people have complained that their VPN Not Working on Data Connection. They find that the internet doesn’t work after connecting to VPN or it’s very slow, they also can’t stay connected to the VPN when using a mobile hotspot. If this happened to you so take it easy. We’ve done some research and testing and we’ve found some steps you can try to fix the problem and get your VPN working again. So, please keep reading to learn why you cannot connect and how to fix it.

Why is your VPN having issues with the data connection?

There are a lot of possible reasons why are facing issues with connecting to a VPN on a data connection but the good thing is that you can fix these issues by following the steps but at first, we should know why this is happening to you only when connecting to data and it works well on your Wifi so the most common issues include:

  • Low signal strength or Poor mobile data signals can be the major reason.
  • It is also possible that your ISP is blocking VPN traffic that’s why it’s not working for you.
  • It can be the issue of IPv6 incompatibility which can scan the entire segment so it takes longer than scanning IPv4.
  • Your battery saver maybe on which is used to optimize your battery and it works by preventing the applications from running in the background so turn off it and try again connecting to data.
  • Maybe you’re using outdated VPN software so always update it to the latest version.
  • Sometimes some servers experience issues due to heavy traffic so try to change your server location then again try to connect it.

These issues can be fixed in a few minutes but obviously, once you know the issue only then you’re able to fix it so let’s get started to fix the issues one by one.

VPN not working when connecting to data – Let’s fix it

You’ll definitely fix your data connection issues when connecting to VPN by following this detailed guide.

1. Verify VPN app settings

Always check the setting o your VPN to know that everything is configured correctly. Check protocols and encryption settings because data connection networks can block some protocols. If your application has multiple protocols like OpenVPN, IKEv2 or WireGuard so try switching to a different protocol and try to connect to see if your issues resolves.

VPN Not Working on Data Connection

2. Clear cache and data

Sometimes cache and data of the VPN app are the reason for not working on the data connection which can lead to connectivity issues. You’ve to go to your device setting then navigate to the app settings, you’ll find your VPN app so clear its cache and data. After that relaunch the app and reconfigure your VPN settings if necessary.

VPN Not Working on Data Connection

3. Check firewall and security settings

Some networks have strict firewalls and security settings that can prevent VPN connections. If you are using a work or school network then contact your network administrator to know if they allow VPN access or not. You can also check your device’s security settings and disable any firewall or security features that might be blocking the VPN connection.

VPN Not Working on Data Connection

4. Restart your device

Restarting your device is a simple effective step to resolve any issues. Restarting helps clear temporary glitches and resets network connections which can usually resolves VPN issues.

5. Try a different VPN server or location

Sometimes a specific VPN server may be experiencing technical difficulties so try switching to a different server location in your VPN app then it can help you establish a successful connection.

VPN Not Working on Data Connection


Troubleshooting VPN connectivity issues on a data connection can be sometimes frustrating but after following these troubleshooting steps you’ll definitely resolves the problem. These all are the major steps that always works for everyone so try to follow every step and make sure to not skip any step of them then you’ll see data connection on VPN will now start working on your device. You can also try NordVPN to check whether your data connection works on NordVPN service or not it will definitely help you.

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