which DNS servers are the best

What are DNS servers and which DNS servers are the best

Do you know there are multiple benefits of changing your DNS server which include protection of your online activities, boosting your browsing speed or even accessing content that may be blocked in your region. So first of all before switching to DNS servers, you should learn about it then you will get full of its benefits.

What are DNS servers and what its purpose?

Actually, A DNS server is like a phonebook for your internet and a very important part of the internet infrastructure. When you type any domain name in your browser bar then your browser sends a request to the DNS server to find out IP address associated with this domain. The DNS server looks up the IP address in its database then returns to your browser. After that your browser is able to connect website server and display the content. Navigating the internet without DNS servers would be a lot harder because then you have to remember and manually enter the numerical IP addresses for each website you want to visit. That’s why website service providers and other organizations operate their own DNS servers to make it easier for us to access the internet.

Which DNS servers are the best?

Choosing a fast secure DNS server can help improve your internet browsing speed and security. The performance of the DNS server depends on factors like network location and internet service provider. Some popular and well-known DNS servers include Google, Cloudflare DNS, Cisco OpenDNS, NordVPN, Quad9 DNS, Comodo Secure DNS and NordVPN SmartDNS. Almost every ISPs have its own DNS servers but sometimes they can slow down that’s why if you experience slow speed and you are not sure about the security of your default DNS server then you should consider changing your DNS server to a secure reputable server. It is important to choose a trustworthy DNS service provider that’s why we’ve mentioned the most popular options available:

List of DNS Service Providers Primary DNS Servers Secondary DNS Servers
Cisco OpenDNS
Cloudflare DNS
Quad9 DNS
NordVPN SmartDNS


Google DNS Servers

Google DNS servers are observed to be the best because of their fast response time with a high level of security. These servers use DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) support which helps to protect against DNS spoofing and makes your internet activities remain secure. When you’ve entered any website URL into your browser then your browser sends a request to a DNS server to translate that URL into an IP address. Google DNS servers are designed to respond quickly to these requests which can improve your browsing speed by reducing lag time. All these elements have made Google’s DNS servers a popular choice for users all around the world.

Cisco OpenDNS

If you are looking for a secure DNS provider then you should consider Cisco OpenDNS servers they will never disappoint you. Open DNS is popular for its advanced security features like content filtering and malware protection which can prevent you from visiting harmful websites. OpenDNS uses a protocol that encrypts DNS traffic which can provide you an extra measure of protection against any type of attack. Cisco OpenDNS servers are free for individual or family use but you need to pay for businesses.

Cloudflare DNS

You can enjoy a secure and faster browsing experience using Cloudflare DNS. Everything you do on the Internet like browsing starts with a DNS request so choosing the fastest DNS can make your online experience faster and Cloudflare DNS is one of them. It has the fastest response time which makes your internet experience smooth by loading web pages quickly. It provides special security protocols like DNS-over-HTTPS and DNS-over-TLS which encrypts your internet traffic and protect your device from any type of malware.


If you’re anxious about DNS leaks and want a DNS server that can process your DNS queries faster then you should think about using NordVPN private DNS servers. These servers help you to prevent DNS leaks during your VPN connection which means that your internet will be always protected and you should not have to worry about your sensitive information leaks.

Quad9 DNS

Quad9 DNS servers are designed to provide users fast and secure browsing. Quad9 has a threat intelligence system that blocks accessing malicious and malware containing websites which helps users to get protection from cyber threats. Quad9 also uses Anycast technology to route users to the nearest available server so that it will improve your browsing speed.

NordVPN SmartDNS

NordVPN SMartDNS service is best for streaming purposes. If you want to stream specific content on your smart TV that is not available in your country then NordVPN Smart DNS is best for this purpose. You can bypass any geoblocking content and enjoy any shows and movies from anywhere in the world. The best part of NordVPN SmartDNS is you just have to download the application on any operating system you are using and start using it.

All these mentioned DNS services are well known and you can use them without any hesitation. You can test the response time of any DNS provider by using online tools like DNSPerf or Namebench so it will be very helpful for you to choose from.

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